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Colour, chemistry and crustaceans

This whole blog actually started because of the colour of some shrimps I was cooking. Crustacean muscle is grey in colour- but when you cook it, it turns pink. So I sat in my kitchen pondering this, then did a bit of digging.

Big tick energy: how a tiny flea created a revolution in British art | Art and design | The Guardian

In 1664, scientist Robert Hooke drew a flea and created the first great work of British art. Without it, perhaps, there would be no Stubbs, Constable and Hirst — Read on http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/apr/22/big-tick-energy-how-a-humble-flea-kickstarted-british-art this article highlights how there was no divide between science and art. This sort of thinking revolutionised both science and art alike.

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