Some of my favourite work involves microscopy as it creates greater impact and resonates with the reader.

I am a  Senior Lecturer at Kingston University  with over 13 years of experience. I was nominated for a national teaching award in 2017, and I excel in enabling staff and students alike achieve their potential. I lead a successful research group, have developed transdisciplinary curricula and have a keen interest in critical thinking having developed critical thinking programmes across the university.

Although I am a scientist (both at KU and UCL, London) – and I can plan an experiment like no one else I know- I can tell you, when I’m gazing up from number crunching its not usually to think of how a cell morphs or bigger evolutionary questions (although sometimes it is).



So, here’s the thing, I am, we all are, not merely the sum of our parts, our jobs, our lives but something greater in our capacity to be creative and create. Myself, I have chosen to paint and draw rather than embroider or crochet science since I tried that and it turned out a bit weird- you can see my work if you follow my instagram 

I hope this website will enable you to see the beauty and inspiration in the same way I do. To say: Wow


So:  If science is a word that makes you glaze over, that you think were all nerds- well we are. Just super organized. 

Are you bored with science? I am not here to make you re-connect with science because you already are, it’s just a matter of seeing and understanding. 

Right. That’s my motivational bit done. On to more interesting things…….