Let me introduce myself

Some of my favourite work involves microscopy as it creates greater impact and resonates with the reader.

I am a scientist- I have certificates and everything that says I am. I get paid to be one. I work in a university and I can plan an experiment like no one else I know- but I can tell you, when I’m gazing up from number crunching its not usually to think of how a cell morphs or bigger evolutionary questions (although sometimes it is). I look up at the sky and I see the planes gliding silently in all that blueness to somewhere else.

I remember how about 20 years ago my old physiology lecturer told us about something called Rayleigh particles that give the sky its colour, that turn it red with smog- and I thought that was awesome.

So, here’s the thing, I am, we all are, not merely the sum of our parts, our jobs, our lives but something greater in our capacity to be creative and create.


  • Is science is a word that makes you glaze over, that you think we’re all nerds?- (well we are but just super organised). 
  • Are you bored with science and the fun has been sucked from your soul?-Perhaps it’s just a matter of seeing and understanding from a different perspective.
  • Do you just need to read around subjects on science but don’t know where to start- because it’s so vast? (a lot of my students complain about this).

I hope this blog will enable you to see the beauty and inspiration in what some people think might be mundane, and in the same way I do to say: Wow. With a science spin.

 I am not here to make you re-connect with science because you always have been. I will post the sort of stuff that interests me and has enabled my mind to soar up there in the clouds and maybe you can join me.

Right. That’s my motivational bit done. On to more interesting things…….