I’m King of the world- What happened to the Assyrian legacy?

When I first read about this exhibition, I did not think; Empire-building-lion-hunting, King. The British Museum is a treasury of artefacts- but this exhibition is amazing, donated from around the world, it takes you on a journey of Ashurbanipal’s accession, the culture surrounding his reign and enables you to understand a little more about a

Can you think creatively?

Today I was lucky enough to deliver a professional development course on Critical thinking at Kingston University with my colleague Hilary Wason. She originally developed a toolkit to enable students to think critically and creatively in the Faculty of Business. This kit utilises lessons in deduction, assumption, inference and logic. Applicable to any syllabus, I

A Spoonful of Sugar

I am a scientist- I have certificates and everything that says I am. I get paid to be one. I work in a university and I can plan an experiment like no one else I know- but I can tell you, when I’m gazing up from number crunching its not usually to think of how

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