Critical thinking toolkit Runner up in SEDA awards

The critical thinking toolkit was runner up in this years SEDA Educational Development Initiative of the Year Awards. Follow the link to see the workshop Hilary and I put on a couple of weeks ago. Well done Hilary. Ct toolkit

Coding, rivalry, seashells, golden triangles and rampant rabbits.

Today we’re going to tie the concepts of; coding, renaissance rivalry, punch-ups, golden shapes and reproducing rabbits all together – because maths wouldn’t be the same without it. Now a long time ago (I was 9) my dad tutored me to prepare me for my exams at 11. Everything was a challenge, but that if

Your task is to find something you’d normally not look at twice ….

Link:This is literally so cool. As temperatures plummet all over the planet, lots of posts are popping up about the cold weather. My absolute favourite has to be National Geographic’s bubble freezing slowly (see below). I see the frost, it’s just crystals of water after all- but there’s a lot to be said about that

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