Hilary Wason

“Fran’s vision to use this toolkit to make her disciplinary curriculae accessible and meaningful to her students is outstanding. She puts students at the heart of what she does and is an amazing role model for them. As well as a sparky and inspiring colleague.”



Hilary Wason
Keep on Kicking Ass


Sent: 25 January 2017 12:40

To: Arrigoni, Francesca I

Subject: You’re Awesome

Hi Dr Arrigoni,

Just wanted to say thank you for the awesomeness that you spoke on earlier. I’m always preaching about the importance of intersectional feminism but most of the time, people just don’t get it and make the dumbest rebuttals and it leaves me exasperated. All you said are my sentiments exactly and I just wanted to let you know!

Keep on kicking ass.


Philip Miller Tate

I worked with Fran for many miserable years, but I should emphasize that it wasn’t her fault. She is without doubt one of the nicest and most talented scientists that I have ever met and what sets her apart from the others is the mysterious hold she has over me. Mind you, she has been taking blood from me for many years. She claims she does science with it but I suspect witchcraft, which may explain why I feel compelled to make the comments above. She is jolly clever, nevertheless and you should read her blog regularly.