Kidney Nephron


The Kidney Nephron






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The Kidney nEPHRON

Lesson 3: The nephron.

so this is where it all happens.

In the last 2 lesson you have studied structures of the kidneys, putting them into context.

In this lesson, its all about the function of the kidney- highlighting where those important things happen that make the kidney a really important organ system.

By the end of this lesson you need to have drawn a nephron and its circulatory system freehand. 

Include labelling and shading- and dare I say it, a smidgin of colour to help identify what otherwise may look like a plate of spaghetti. 


Watch all the videos and learn how to sketch and shade the kidney and vessels. You can sketch and watch along  or watch  then sketch. It’s up to you. Upload your finished piece of work.

Lets Begin!

Below a little video of a sketch !!


Kidney in context

Kidney Images to draw and label

Here are some images of the nephron.

For ease we’re going to draw a model of a kidney (the colours aren’t what they’re really like).

Your drawing has to be labelled.

Try and make a note of what each of these structures does. 


The Nephron

Have a look at the kidney model  below. See if you can label the  following structures. 

What does this image look like to you-if you didn’t know what it was?


You need to label:

Bowmans Capsule

Proximal convoluted Tubule

Distal Convoluted tubule

Ascending and descending Loop of Henle


Kidney nephron to label

The Nephron cheat sheet

Did you get all of the structures correct?

Nephron structures

Image for creating tonal range

To draw the kidney nephron- you need to draw this image freehand! If you don’t feel up to the challenge of copying- you can print it out and go straight to the next part of labelling structure/function.kidney sketch

Structure function of the kidney

Can you identify what each part of the kidney does?

Label on your image where on the kidney the following occur?

  • the main site for reabsorption of glucose
  • the main site for reabsorption of ions
  • ultrafiltration
  • active secretion of drugs
  • facultative water reabsorption
  • active transport of solutes
  • ADH(What is this????)


Nephron function cheat sheet


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Part 2: Practice sketching

Learn to sketch & draw

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