Can you think creatively?

Today I was lucky enough to deliver a professional development course on Critical thinking at Kingston University with my colleague Hilary Wason.

She originally developed a toolkit to enable students to think critically and creatively in the Faculty of Business. This kit utilises lessons in deduction, assumption, inference and logic. Applicable to any syllabus, I went on to adapt it for the faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing.

The principle of critical thinking is that we immerse students into a subject. Yes- you have to work hard and just learn stuff- but that capacity for evolving what you’ve learnt and thinking creatively can only come if you can think autonomously.

For a science syllabus the toolkit enables this. I’ve tried it out on students and boy did they engage and become drawn into the learning journey. As a teacher, having a pinch of emotional intelligence also helped. Today I addressed some of the best ways to engage students and to get them to think creatively.

I love Hilary because, originally from Glasgow, if she says she going to do something she does. She takes no crap and just gets things done. She’s amazing and currently doing a PhD in this topic. What a woman!