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I think that science can be quite beautiful. Join me as I explore ways of of sharing my science knowledge with you. With decades of experience as a scientist and as an academic, I will teach you my science in the best and most entertaining way I know how.

“I worked with Fran for many miserable years, but I should emphasize that it wasn’t her fault. She is without doubt one of the nicest and most talented scientists that I have ever met and what sets her apart from the others is the mysterious hold she has over me.”
Philip Miller Tate
Philip Miller TateSurrey,UK
“She puts students at the heart of what she does and is an amazing role model for them. As well as a sparky and inspiring colleague.”
Hilary Wason
Hilary WasonKingston University, London
“This course is amazing. Why is it free?”
“I really enjoyed giving it a go and it helped me get the structure and shape with the art. I wouldn’t say I’m very good at art but I had good fun.”
Student feedbackArt in your heart course, Kingston University
“Help me to appreciate the complexity of the heart and found my love for art again. Having to take the time to draw the details helps to ingrain the structure into my head.”
Student feedbackArt in your heart course, Kingston University

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